Brahms’ influences: 1st December 2017

Music for cello & piano

Join Clapham Chamber Concerts for the third concert of their new 2017-18 season. Miriam Wakeling (cello) and Panaretos Kyriatzidis (piano) present music by Brahms alongside the music of composers he was influenced by.

The programme includes Bach’s Prelude from Suite No. 2, Beethoven’s A Major Sonata No. 3 and Brahms’ own E Minor Sonata No. 1 as well as other pieces. The evening promises to be a musically rich and indulgent treat from the CCC series.

The recital starts at 7.30pm at St Paul’s Church

Rectory Grove


However innovative a new composition is, or may appear to be, it will have always had at least some influence from a previous composer or genre, even if it is somewhat abstractly obvious.

In the case of Johann Brahms, his classical influences are well known.

Although Brahms lies in the Romantic period, his compositions are heavily influenced by his classical predecessors such as Bach and Beethoven. This can be clearly identified when looking at the structure of his music, both in form and in harmony.

Brahms is a great example of somebody who bridges the development of music across periods, by being a traditionalist, yet also an innovator.

Having worked with pianist and composer Clara Schumann, it is unsurprising that Brahms was greatly inspired by both her and Robert Schumann. It is known that Brahms had a close friendship with the Schumanns and highly respected their opinion and input on his compositions at the time.

Eager to perform Brahms’ dark and tempestuous E minor sonata, it therefore felt fitting to base tonight’s recital around his influences through the ages and hopefully give you a flavour of how he arrived at the deep and moving music that we hear today.

By  Miriam Wakeling

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